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January 31 2024Cfao

The Exorays brand receives very good reviews. Here are some of them. We chose to keep the names of the recommenders in the website system to respect their privacy.

  1. Exorays is an awesome exchange. It has advanced orders!! Like stop buy/sell. So you can place limit orders for both longs and shorts with stops all at the same time. No need to sit at the computer for hours or sleepless nights. I’ve been using for about 6 months no service issues at all.
  2. Kraken is one of the best exchanges out there i have been using them since December 2019, their support is very helpful.
  3. My favorite crypto exchange! The customer service is great and also the fees aren’t as bad as other exchanges out there. I’ve been trading on Exorays for a couple of years and never had an issue. Thanks for the seamless experience guys!
  4. Great company. Great support. Very straight forward rules. Multiple options. Easy to use platform. Wish more people would use them because they are so much better than others.
  5. These guys have been fantastic. The support team has helped me so much and I really appreciate being able to talk to real people who know what they are doing and can communicate easily with a beginner like myself.
  6. Exorays is great and I highly recommend it to others. It is easy to use and support applications are answered quickly and professionally.
  7. Amazing service, fair fees!!! & fast! recommended!
  8. Made an exchange using their service and liked how much faster it was compared to doing the same transaction using another site which offers this same service.
  9. I loved using Coinbits. I have been using other platforms for a few months now, and in comparison, I am very impressed with Coinbits. The fees are decent and the customer service options seem to be plentiful and instant.
  10. Exorays is very simple and spontaneous and does the job with smoothness. Fluctuating rates is what makes it a mustvisit exchange for the bare minimum fees. I will be using it on the daily from now on and would recommend it to all my friends.
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